Who are we?

Drive iQ is operated by the a2om CIC (pronounced “atom kick”). We are a Community Interest Company (100% not-for-profit) dedicated to saving young lives through better knowledge and education for novice drivers and their parents.

Our aims are simple. To:

How do we do what we do?

We are funded through generous corporate sponsorship from:


ingenie uses black box technology to help reduce premiums for young drivers by providing feedback on their driving trends via a mobile app or online: this allows young people to take responsibility for how they drive. If they drive well, they could reduce the cost of their car insurance when it's reviewed every 3 months.

Richard King, CEO, ingenie

“The ingenie approach is as much about road safety as it is bringing down the cost of car insurance. We sponsor Drive iQ to help young drivers and their parents make informed choices about every aspect of learning to drive – including road safety and attitude to risk.

Research shows that the most critical time for new drivers is during their first two weeks, and that far too many young drivers are underprepared when they first take to the roads. Drive iQ teaches learner drivers more than just how to use the car controls. It helps them to drive safely both whilst learning, and once they’ve passed their test.”

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a2om international is an education software development specialist that works with multinational corporations to provide education for their drivers. As part of a2om’s commitment to support the UN Decade of Action, they have graciously donated free access to their pre-driver & driver programmes - Drive iQ & Drive iQ PRO, to ensure every young person in the UK can benefit from these potentially life-saving resources.

Nick Rowley, CEO, a2om International

“Inexperience = Danger. There are NO Shortcuts.

The paradox is we often praise people for passing their driving test first time and quickly, completely missing the point that it is the experience gained through a longer learning process which is likely to be their biggest saving grace. Drive iQ is an opportunity for us to share some of our work with multi national companies to help young people understand the factors which will most dramatically impact their driving, keeping them, and other road users, safer as a result”.

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What we offer?

Drive iQ

An online educational platform that puts pre-novices and novice drivers through potentially hazardous road scenarios. Our software delivers high-definition footage of actual cockpit situations – driving in town, in the country, in all conditions.

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Each module comes with a Teacher Workshop programme to allow the module(s) to be used at school in PSHE/tutorial time or even as an assembly topic.

Guide: Learning to Drive? Everything you will need & want to know

A comprehensive guide that is essential reading for parents with teenagers planning to learn to drive and/or being driven by their peers.

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Drive iQ PRO

Drive iQ PRO is an in-car syllabus (delivered by a specially re-trained driving instructor – PRO Coach), designed to work in conjunction with normal driving lessons to ensure a young person learns ALL the key stuff and not just the basics to pass the test.

16 further modules included:

Plus you can gain an insurance discount.

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